Build apps with Stacks

Authenticate users, sign transactions and store data with the Stacks blockchain


Apps built with the Stacks blockchain give users control over their digital identities, assets and data.

Unlike most cloud-based apps, they are "decentralized" since they don't depend on any centralized platform, server or database to function. Rather, they use the Stacks blockchain to authenticate users and facilitate read and write requests for them without any single point of failure or trust.

This page provides information on how to build such apps using Stacks.js and other libraries that make integration of the Stacks blockchain easy for front-end developers.

Three main integrations are available:

  • Authentication: Register and sign users in with identities on the Stacks blockchain
  • Transaction signing: Prompt users to sign and broadcast transactions to the Stacks blockchain
  • Data storage: Save and retrieve data for users with Gaia

All three of these integrations can be used together to create powerful new user experiences that rival or exceed those of traditional apps—all while protecting your users' digital rights.

While integration is possible for any type of app, most of the resources available here are for web developers experienced with JavaScript.


Graphic for: Authentication
AuthenticationRegister and sign in users with identities on the Stacks blockchain
Graphic for: Transaction signing
Transaction signingPrompt users to sign and broadcast transactions to the Stacks blockchain
Transaction signing
Graphic for: Data storage
Data storageSave and retrieve data for users with Gaia
Data storage

Example apps

Graphic for: To-dos app
To-dos appReview authentication and data storage integration
To-dos app
Graphic for: Heystack app
Heystack appInteracting with the wallet and smart contracts from a React application
Heystack app
Graphic for: Public registry app
Public registry appLearn how to write and read state from the Stacks blockchain
Public registry app
Graphic for: Angular app
Angular appHow to integrate authentication into an Angular app
Angular app
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